Take advantage of the versatility of LIGNATUR.
Configure the ideal element for your building project based on your exact specifications and wishes.

Example of application

School building

Multi-family house

Indoor Pool

Sports hall

Office building

Single-family house

My configuration

Fire resistance

Fire resistance REI30

Fire resistance REI60

Fire resistance REI90


Natural wood soffit

UV protection treatment

White glazed soffit


Soundproofing 50kg/m2 fill

Soundproofing silence12

Heat insulation

Heat insulation with mineral fibre

Heat insulation with wood fibre

Room acoustics

Acoustics Type 1

Acoustics Type 2

Acoustics Type 3

Acoustics Type 3.1

Acoustics Type 5

Acoustics Type 5.1

Acoustics Type 6

Acoustics Type 6.1

Acoustics Type 8

Acoustics Type 8.1

Acoustics Type 9

Acoustics Type 9.1

Acoustics Type 1 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 2 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 3 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 3.1 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 5 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 5.1 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 6 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 6.1 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 8 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 8.1 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 9 dynamic design

Acoustics Type 9.1 dynamic design

Bracing of buildings

Bracing with shear connector


Dry screed

Dry screed with fill

Wet screed

Wet screed with fill


Roof membrane

Gravel roof

Green roof

Accessible roof

Ventilated roof

Structure: Wet screed on basement ceiling


Preliminary statics are available for many configurable systems. The link will take you directly to the most suitable pre-static. LIGNATUR elements have excellent static properties with minimal height.


Fire resistance

Time is safety


Swiss wood origin label, PEFC certificate, CO2 storage, ... The mission «We use wood sparingly.» impressively shows how much grey energy can be saved with it.

Sound proofing

A sound measurement is available for most configurable systems. The link will take you directly to the most suitable measurement report. Whether with or without acoustic perforation, sound insulation equivalence can be assumed.

Professionals advise professionals


Link to the sound absorption coefficient of the selected acoustic type. The sound absorption coefficients of the acoustic elements with dynamic design are based on the measured values of acoustic types 1 to 9.1.

Heat insulation

Determine the thermal conductivity of the configured system depending on the element height and the additional insulation.


Download the cross-section drawings in the possible heights of the configured LIGNATUR element.