Preliminary statics for framing

Pre-dimension the framing based on the deflection w = I / 450 using the adjacent diagrams according to the following example and select the constructively best framing based on the resulting stiffness El from the table shown on the left.

l = 2.6m, qN + qA + g = 8.0kN/m
=> EI ≥ 800N mm2 . 109  – this, for instance,
corresponds to glue lam framing GL24 120 / 200,
EI = 928N mm2 . 109

Framing connection

ROR framing has proved its worth for breakthroughs requiring static reinforcement. More framings and how to connect them are shown on the left.

Connecting the glue lam framing with a steel plate and partial or full-thread screws as shown on the image on the left is easy to do. For the load capacity of this connection, please refer to the table.