Preliminary statics for framing

Pre-dimension the framing based on the deflectionw = I / 450 using the adjacent diagramsaccording to the following example and select theconstructively best framing based on the resultingstiffness El from the table shown on the left.

l = 2.6m, qN + qA + g = 8.0kN/m
=> EI ≥ 800N mm2 . 109  – this, for instance,
corresponds to gluelam framing GL24 120 / 200,
EI = 928N mm2 . 109

Framing connection

ROR framing has proved its worth for breakthroughsrequiring static reinforcement. Moreframings and how to connect them are shown onthe left.

Connecting the gluelam framing with a steelplate and partial or full-thread screws as shownon the image on the left is easy to do. For theload capacity of this connection, please refer tothe table.