Naturally beautiful

Anyone who builds with timber helps reduce CO2 emissions and thus actively contributes to a better world and room ­climate. Timber is a natural raw material that can be renewed. But Lignatur still uses this very sparingly. Thanks to the box design, more than 50% of the material can be spared compared to solid timber constructions with the same structural efficiency. All of the timber that is used comes from domestic, sustainably cultivated forests. LIGNATUR elements are PEFC-certified and are suitable for Minergie-ECO buildings. 

Erklärvideos zur Ökologie

Mit den LIGNATUR Hohlkasten - Elementen wird im Vergleich zum Massivbau die Hälfte an Holz eingespart.
Viel Holzbau mit wenig Holz.

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LIGNATUR uses almost exclusively spruce, native wood from Austria, Southern Germany or Switzerland. All elements which leave our factory are PEFC-qualified, a certificate that stands for sustainable forest management.

CO2 – reduction

Wood is the only raw material reducing CO2. Carbon C is stored in the wood. The oxygen O is set into the atmosphere. That is how the greenhouse gas is continuously extracted from the atmosphere. If you build in timber, you also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are happy to determine the CO2 – reduction of your LIGNATUR order.

Grey energy

The vision of an economic use in raw materials really shows how much embodied energy can be saved this way. A LIGNATUR surface element uses ¼ of the grey energy a structurally similar concrete floor needs. We are happy to calculate the grey energy your chosen LIGNATUR section needs.

Healthy building

LIGNATUR elements can be applied without any limitations in MINERGIE-ECO buildings. The ­LIGNATUR office building has a certificate for good interior climate «Gutes Innenraumklima». The indoor pool in Maastricht, Netherlands, ­carries the label BREEAM. The office building for the federal environment agency in Berlin was certified with the gold award by the German ­Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).