Sounds good.

Good room acoustics reduce the reverberation time and improve the speech intelligibility. This is very important in not just classrooms, restaurants or working rooms but also in service counter areas and sports halls. LIGNATUR acoustic ceilings turn any room into a concert hall. The latest developments show that more and more clients are using acoustic ceilings in living rooms too. On the one hand, because these greatly increase the quality of living, and on the other, because the ceilings are aesthetically pleasing and can be harmoniously matched to the room geometry and installations.


Sound sample reverberation

Reverberation, the sound you can hear after a specific sound has already been heard. The basketball throwing example in a threefold sports hall with a concrete ceiling shows that 12-second reverberation is irritating.

The required time is 2 seconds.

Listen to more examples to hear how much sound Lignatur acoustic ceilings really absorb. Use high-quality speakers or headphones.

Sound samples

Dynamic room accoustics

Combining function with style – putting good room acoustics into optical harmony with the architecture. This was the main goal behind the development of the dynamic, nonrepetitive pattern. Inspired by architectural design ideas, coached by «meierei Innenarchitektur» in Munich, the result is a dynamic design that gives any room a whole new vitality. The intensity of the perforation can be defined by a free choice of parameters.

Blog BAU Munich: when the interior designer Dorothee Meier met the timber constructor Ralph Schläpfer, it was the perfect basis for new, individual timber construction solutions. Solutions that not only meet the highest acoustic, living climate and aesthetic requirements, but can also be implemented at low cost!

From 1:55, Ralph Schläpfer presents how the dynamic design was created.

Dynamic room accoustics

sound absorption coefficients

LIGNATUR elements with bore holes or slits and installed sound absorption panels can be used as acoustic elements. Please refer to the following diagrams for the statistical sound absorption coefficients achieved with LIGNATUR acoustic elements, measured as per DIN EN ISO 354.

sound absorption coefficients