Time is safety

LIGNATUR sets new standards in fire protection. LIGNATUR is the first and only company with a European technical approval that defines the determination of the residual cross-section for standard and acoustic elements. This means that the fire resistance according to Eurocode 5 (EN 1995-1 - 2) can be determined.

Fire resistance, fire behavior

With the constructional components dimensioned according to VKF fire protection application Nr. 15421 and ETA-11 / 0137, LIGNATUR elements reach fire resistances up to REI90. They can thus be classified in burning  behaviour group RF3 in Switzerland. In the ETA-11 / 0137 their burning behaviour is stated according to EN 13501-1 with D-s1, d0 (normal flammability – almost no smoke production, no dripping).

Requirements for fire resistance

In multi-storey timber engineering, fire protection is possible based on multiple examined constructions and concepts up to high-rise constructions. This applies to all of Europe.

Requirements in Switzerland for fire compartment floors in housing, commercial and educational buildings are shown in the illustration on the left.

  1. detached single house
  2. building of low height (up to 11m overall height)
  3. building of medium height (up to 30m overall height), REI30 with extinguishing systems concept
  4. high-rise building with extinguishing systems concept (up to 100m overall height)

Germany (DE) settles the fire protection regulations in the state building regulations. Further specific regulations for highly fire resistant components used in multi-storey timber constructions are stated in their design guidelines (M-HFHHolzR). An application of timber and wood-based panel products in building class 5 is not provided for in planning law, but is often achieved through building object-specific fire protection concepts in implementation of means of compensation. The table shows building classes (GK) defined in Germany.

  • GK1 detached building, floor level of highest level (OKF) ≤ 7m, building unit (NE) ≤ 400m2
  • GK2 non-detached building, OKF ≤ 7m, NE ≤ 400m2
  • GK3 other buildings with OKF ≤ 7m
  • GK4 OKF ≤ 13m, NE ≤ 400m2