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Lignatur AG is a leading timber construction company specializing in the production of high-quality floor and roof elements made of wood. With a clear focus on sustainable construction and outstanding architectural solutions, numerous impressive reference projects have already been realized with LIGNATUR.

One of the outstanding projects is the "Alliander office building" in Amsterdam, Holland. Here, LIGNA-TUR elements were used to create a modern, open and sustainable working environment. The wooden ceilings not only contribute to the aesthetics, but also improve the acoustics and indoor climate, yielding a pleasant working environment.

Another remarkable project is the "Sonnenberg school building" in Adliswil, Switzerland. Here, Lignatur AG supplied multifunctional LIGNATUR elements that offer a superior combination of load-carrying capacity and aesthetic appeal. The ceilings ensure a high level of sound absorption, which is particularly important in an educational facility to create a pleasant learning environment.

In Germany, LIGNATUR contributed to the 7-storey "Linse" multi-family house built in Berlin. LIGNATUR elements, REI90, were used in this residential construction project, which not only enabled a fast and efficient construction method, but also impress with their ecological advantages. The natural wood look and excellent sound insulation of the silence12 elements contribute to a high quality of living.

Another example is the "fitness centre roof" of the Hotel Oberjoch, Germany. LIGNATUR roof elements were used here to meet the requirements for wide spans and heavy snow loads. The load-bearing acoustic elements also offer an attractive appearance and contribute to the sustainability of the building.

The "Festsaal" in Osweiler, Luxembourg is another impressive project in which LIGNATUR elements were installed. The wooden construction creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and contributes to the excellent acoustics of the event room.

These examples show how versatile LIGNATUR elements can be used as well as the advantages they offer for various construction projects. From office buildings and educational facilities to residential buildings and cultural centers - LIGNATUR products impress with their quality, sustainability and aesthetic diversity.