Whether at home,
at work or
during leisure time.

Overview of applications of LIGNATUR floor and roof elements in various building types.

Proper sound insulation is particularly important in schools in order to create a quiet learning environment. In combination with tested floor structures, LIGNATUR elements provide effective sound insulation and also improve the room acoustics thanks to their absorbers. Teachers appreciate LIGNATUR ceilings because they minimize noise in classrooms and corridors, which helps students to better concentrate.

In kindergartens and daycare centers, the visible wood surface ceilings and convenient soundproofing decisively influence the well-being of the children. LIGNATUR elements ensure a pleasant room climate and a reduced noise level. Architects have LIGNATUR elements installed in kindergartens to create a warm and cozy environment in winter and to optimize the background noise.

Fire protection and sound insulation are of great importance in multi-family houses. LIGNATUR elements offer fire resistance of up to 90 minutes. Effective sound insulation is achieved through the silence12 system. Engineers and building physicists throughout Europe recommend LIGNATUR floor and roof elements as they increase fire protection and minimize sound transmission between apartments.

Indoor swimming pools require materials that can bridge wide spans and are suitable for the indoor pool climate. LIGNATUR elements meet these requirements and also ensure good room acoustics. LIGNATUR elements with their wide range of acoustics options adorn a large number of indoor swimming pools and leisure pools.

Not only indoor swimming pools but also sports halls require a stable construction with good acoustics. LIGNATUR elements provide the necessary load-carrying capacity and improve the acoustics thanks to their absorbers. The sound absorption values for each acoustics type are available.

In offices proper room acoustics and a comfortable room climate are important to create a productive working environment. LIGNATUR elements contribute to a quiet and pleasant working atmosphere.

Who wouldn't want to enjoy all the advantages already mentioned in their home? This is certainly the reason why LIGNATUR is also popular in single-family houses and especially in renovation projects.

These examples illustrate the versatility and advantages of LIGNATUR floor and roof elements in various construction projects.