Lengths ahead

Large spans, rooms without supports, cantilevered roofs  – our engineers make the impossible possible. LIGNATUR elements do convince through very rigid load-bearing characteristics and outstanding structural properties – all of this with a low dead load and minimum height. They can easily be combined to a static plane, have a European technical approval and are CE-certified.


Static evidence

LIGNATUR elements are CE-labelled and can be calculated according to the European Technical Approval ETA-11 / 0137, the Eurocode and the national standards. Precise analysis of LIGNATUR elements for single-span girders and multi-span girders is limited to checking the moments, lateral forces and deflections. 

Preliminary statics / Characteristics

Pre-dimensioning your LIGNATUR elements based on deflection is easy to do using the diagrams listed in the WORKBOOK.

The tables in the WORKBOOK list the characteristic data of LIGNATUR elements. You can also contact our team who will be happy to assist you with dimensioning.


LIGNATUR elements can essentially be combined with any conventional building material. If you cannot position the elements directly on the wall, there is a large variety of possible bearing details for you to choose from. Some of them are shown in the LIGNATUR-WORKBOOK. Bearing details need to be checked for their structural properties. The following tables provide the characteristics of various LIGNATUR bearing types.

Preliminary statics for framing

Pre-dimension the framing based on the deflection w = I/450 using the diagrams in the WORKBOOK.

Static plate

There are various possibilities for constructing a static plate: steel strapping, OSB, LIGNATUR shear bolts or shear connectors.

We will gladly help you with static plate calculations. However, please clarify the following points beforehand:

  • design
  • horizontal loads to be assumed, such as wind, stabilisation, ...
  • type and position of load applications