For greater Peace.

Why don’t timber and wood concrete composite ceilings insulate impact sound adequately for everyone? It’s simple. They can’t control the basses! Our LIGNATUR silence element efficiently solves the problem of low-frequency sound with tuned mass dampers. No more dull droning and rumbling.

Sound samples silence12

First listen to a music example to hear how silence12 ceilings really dampen sound. Use high-quality speakers or headphones.

Further sound samples demonstrate the sound insulation in comparison to other ceiling systems during impact sound excitation.

Sound samples

Requirements for soundproofing

In single-family homes (EFH) simpler constructions are usually sufficient for satisfactory soundproofing. For multi-family homes (MFH) and public buildings, the national standards apply. We recommend you agree to the required specifications for airborne and impact sound with the client in writing.


Floor constructions silence12

cement screed 50 mm
Isover EP1, 40 mm s‘ = 6 MN/m3
elastically bonded chippings 70 mm
LIGNATUR surface element (LFE 240) silence12

Rw,P = 72 dB, C100-3150 = -1 dB, C50-3150 = -9 dB
Ln,w,P = 45 dB, CI,100-2500 = -2 dB, CI,50-2500 = 0 dB

Sound insulation values

Prognosis sound transmission for separation floor constructions

The forecast model for airborne noise insulation in buildings essentially corresponds to DIN EN 12354-1.  We developed the forecast model for impact sound transmission in cooperation with the ift Rosenheim following DIN EN 12354-2.