[translate to: englisch]Wir bieten Installationslamellen an, bauen auf Wunsch in einzelnen Kammern die Querstege aus oder fräsen mit der Abbundanlage örtlich Nuten. Beim Flächenelement können wir zusätzlich die obere Lamelle nach unten versetzen.

Single vertical penetrations are possible withoutstructural reinforcement in the area of the cavity,with the box element up to 130 mm and with thesurface element up to 200 mm.

The cross distribution is easiest if done in the zoneof the bearing. Of course, services can also beinstalled in a sound insulation layer or in bondedchippings and the underfloor heating be put inthe screed.

Almost all lights can be fixed to standard flammablebuilding materials like wood – LIGNATUR.Lights that do not fulfil the requirements have tobe labelled specifically according to EN 60598-1:2008. On all flammable surfaces that are influencedthermically by the lights, no higher temperaturesmay develop in normal operation.We therefore recommend using only lights withaluminium reflectors.