The idea of the system

REI 30


The bearing capacity of our standard element is suitable for large spans. The standard element can be produced with REI 30 fire resistance and has a plane wooden surface.

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REI 90

For higher fire resistance up to REI 90, the bottom slat is manufactured thicker.

Sound absorbing

Sound insulation values are improved with fill or …

silence construction

… with the silence construction developed specifically for multifamily homes.

absorber elements

Perforated acoustic elements transform your space into a concert hall.

structure, fire resistance, visible wood finish, sound absorption and acoustics

For separating floors, e.g. in schools, we combine all the required functions in one element - statics, fire resistance, visible wood finish, sound insulation and acoustics.

hollow sections insulated

For roofs, the cavities can be insulated.

soundproofed elements

Of course insulated elements can also be combined with acoustics perforation.